Counter Strike, Struck Back

Who would have thought pwning your online nemeses and in general passing the day having fun could lead to an injury. Well it did aight! Geez it hurts something bad.

*Note: I am currently in bed writing this on my laptop since I cannot stand up. Looks like Counter Strike Stuck back!*

Ok so I got your interest and you’re probably thinking “just what the heck am I whining about”. Let me start from the beginning.

I was into my 12th hour of solid Counter Strike gaming – top of the list and owning which way and back. Sitting for this period on your average setup is uncomfortable so I invested in one of those Sofa type chairs with the keyboard and monitor attached so it for comfort purposes.


(Similar to this, I cant take a photo right now of my own setup as stuck in bed)

Little did I know that an extended period of time on this causes sciatic nerve damage.

Almost instantly a sharp pain pounded my lower back and shot down my right leg into my foot. My left leg went numb and I started screaming in agony. My housemates came to my aid and did a little research to uncover the cause and identified it as Sciatica. As I mentioned above, Sciatica is caused by your sciatic nerve become compressed through many types of day to day activities, but in my case via bad back posture or the way I had been sitting for such an extended period of time.

From what I’ve read there are many common types of sciatica – found on this site, and my symptoms seem to be on the lower end of seriousness, but boy does this hurt. Checking out whether or not is sciatica curable, I found that it isn’t actually something that needs to be cured. It’s something that needs to be healed via a bunch of exercises or what not. Needless to say I am not impressed and will be out of action for a while. Those of you familiar with my handle Geh688 can rest easy knowing I won’t be about to snipe your asses, but rest assured I’ll be back soon enough. Look out!